Entries by David Weiss

Cigar of the Week : Coyol by Alec Bradley

A blend like this gives new meaning to the phrase, “farm to table.” Alec Bradley Coyol was inspired by the aroma and flavor of the tobaccos at a farm by the same name. Brand owner Alan Rubin sought to create a new cigar that represented the emotion he felt at first taste, and here with […]

Cigar of The Week : Ashton Symmetry

Each puff full of savory spiced oak and cream coursing through your receptors while you ride in a sea of burgundy, leather and minimal flair in your 1970 GS 455. A well done marriage of smooth and strong creates a perfect contradiction to the Ashton line (without tasting generic) and to me it’s that which […]

Cigar of the Week : Davidoff Colorado Claro

Origin: Dominican Republic Wrapper: Ecuadorian Colorado Claro Binder: Dominican Republic Filler: Dominican Republic Strength: Medium Age: 2 years. The worldwide prestigious cigar manufacturer Davidoff has re-written a chapter in the book of wealthy smokes. A more robust, yet elegant cigar, the Davidoff Colorado Claro. The Colorado Claro has a rich reddish-brown sun-grown Ecuadorian Colorado wrapper […]

Regius Cigars Tasting Event : Tuesday November 11th 6pm-10pm

Regius is a Nicaraguan puro, which is supposed to model a Cuban style taste. The Regius Cigars have a pretty milk-coffee brown wrapper starts with abundant wood aromas, underlay by a copious delicate sweetness. Coffee notes underscore its masculine, aroma and balanced character. Becomes more intense during the course of the smoke; medium to full […]