Cigar of The Week : Ashton Symmetry

Each puff full of savory spiced oak and cream coursing through your receptors while you ride in a sea of burgundy, leather and minimal flair in your 1970 GS 455. A well done marriage of smooth and strong creates a perfect contradiction to the Ashton line (without tasting generic) and to me it’s that which makes the Symmetry worth a go. Innaugurating tobacco from 2 very well known estates, Villa Gonzales and Arturo Fuente’s Un Bien Vecino in Esteli, Nicaragua and Chateau de la Fuente in the Dominican Republic. It was a quest by Ashton and A. Fuente masterblender ‘Carlito’ Fuente to cure the curiousity and waiting of Ashton goers. But the big question was what kind of wrapper do we use? Well the thought of an Equadorian Habano wrapper filled the tobacco blending gods’ minds and stuck there upon inception, developing a nice brown and slight red hued wrapper embracing refinement and enginuity. The Ashton Symmetry is rated a 90+ also but who cares, it’s the ride and craftsmanship that matter here plus, you have the luxury of 5 different sizes to accompany your scenario

pictured below.