avo syncro fogata full box and single cigar

AVO Syncro Fogata

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Fogata, meaning bonfire or campfire in spanish, was the inspiration for this special new cigar. It is one of Avo Uvezian's favorite settings to share unforgettable and intimate moments with his closest of friends. With Syncro Nicaragua Fogata, we went off the beaten path in search of more intense taste experiences and are proud to now share with you this vibrant new blend in our portfolio.

Having savored the spicy, sweet notes from Isla Ometepe, our Syncro Series now ventures deeper into the rugged landscape of Nicaragua - collecting and composing wilder, richer, more intense flavors. Pushing ourselves into new frontiers for experiences that reveal an unexpected and powerful strength from within. Venturing north into the dark, mountainous soils of Nicaragua's Esteli and Condega regions, our Master Blender has captured the strength and spice from this rugged, yet fertile terrain. 

As soon as the Flame touches the Syncro Fogata cigar, one is greeted with a wildly exotic flavor profile. Notes of spicy sweetness created by the Nicaragua tobacco, notes of coffee, salt, cedar wood, and citrus are revealed as you continue smoking this intense yet perfectly smooth and balanced cigar.