Partagas Cortado Toro- Review

Partagas Cortado Toro Cigar Review

Partagas is a well-known and respected cigar brand that has been around for over 170 years. They are known for their rich, flavorful, and robust cigars, and the Partagas Cortado Toro is no exception.

Appearance: The Partagas Cortado Toro has a beautiful dark brown wrapper that is smooth to the touch. The cigar has a nice weight to it and feels well-constructed. The band is simple yet elegant with the classic Partagas logo.

Flavor: Upon lighting the cigar, I was greeted with a blast of pepper and spice that slowly mellowed out as I continued smoking. The first third had notes of leather and earth with hints of coffee and chocolate. The second third introduced more complexity with flavors of oak and a slight sweetness. The final third had a nice balance of spice and earthiness with a subtle nuttiness.

Construction: The cigar had a great draw and produced plenty of smoke with each puff. The burn was mostly even throughout the smoke, and I didn't have to touch it up too much. The ash held on nicely and had a nice gray color.

Overall: I thoroughly enjoyed the Partagas Cortado Toro. It had a great balance of flavors and complexity that kept me interested throughout the smoke. The construction was top-notch, and the burn was mostly even. I would highly recommend this cigar to anyone looking for a flavorful and well-constructed smoke.

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