Lone Wolf Cigars to Return

After several years off the shelves the Lone Wolf is looking to bring back its in house cigars. The brand's cigars are still very much in its infancy but the samples are a step closer to fruition. The new Lone Wolf line is set to come out in 2023 with a new modern branding and impeccable taste.

Lone Wolf Cigars has an interesting history with the emergence of the brand in 1996 under the command of Chuck Norris and Jim Belushi. This has lead to limited edition James Belushi signature cigars that remain in the Lone Wolf Archives.

This is a step in the right direction as the Lone Wolf name expands into the cigar industry. We look forward to sharing more when the time arrives. 


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Glad to see that Lone Wolf is returning. Smoked them quite a bit during the nineties when they were in their hay day. Looking forward to purchasing some and reminiscing.


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