The 5 best Introductory Cigars

Walking into a humidor for the first time is one of the most intimidating tasks amongst newer smokers. Any great cigar shop's job is to ensure the comfort of its patrons but sadly this isn't always the case. This post is to create a simple and methodical approach to introductory cigars. We are trying to get our toes into the water without diving in head first into the unknown. The most common deterrent from people enjoying the hobby is having a negative prior experience with cigars. If you are starting from ground zero these are our top five recommendations.

5. Partagas Cortado Robusto

The Partagas Cortado Robusto is an excellent cigar at an even better price. This cigar is smooth and creamy and is perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The mild smoke allows for a simple understanding of what a good cigar should taste like. This cigar has floral and woody hints that pare well with your favorite libation.

4. Ashton Cabinet Belicoso 

There is a reason why the Ashton name is growing in popularity and their level of detail is phenomenal. The Asthon Classics offer a fantastic smoking experience that pairs well with a morning coffee or a relaxing night after a long day's work. With hints of oak, cedar, and pepper this cigar a great choice to learn from.

3. Davidoff Anniverario Special R

The Davidoff name has been synonymous with quality control. If you  smoke a Davidoff today and the same Davidoff a year from now their level of consistency is second to none. Davidoff is going to be a pricier cigar but they absolutely set the baseline for what a quality cigar should smoke and taste like. This Cigar pairs well with your favorite single malt whiskey and really allows the drink to fully express itself 

2. Cohiba Blue Robusto

The Cohiba name is the most  recognized cigar brand in history and although this cigar does not have the same origins as the originals this make is perfect for a light smoke with a strong reputation. These sticks have a great construction with floral notes that do not intimidate. This cigar makes a great gift in its beautiful packaging and even nicer flavor.

1. Arturo Fuente Chateau

The number 1 recommended cigar in our shop is the Arturo Fuente Chateau. at a great price point and practical size this 4.5x52 cigar has a great construction and mild flavor that many can enjoy. This cigar is not just for beginners but also makes a great gift box with its price and presentation. This cigar really embodies great taste at a fantastic value proposition and for that it should not be ignored. 

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