Understanding Cigar Lounges

Every cigar lounge is built differently and contains its own unique characteristics  brought forth by its members. The beauty of a lounge stems in finding the ideal group for you; whether you like social and rowdy or business-centric there is a lounge awaiting all that you have to offer. When it comes to understanding cigar lounges it ultimately comes down to what you want to get out of the space and how to properly embrace the culture. When looking for a lounge there is five rules to follow to help you find that perfect space.

1. Shop Around

Each lounge has its own unique characteristics that define the people that visit. Often times similarities in professions or interests are a key factor that determine the viability of a space. Understanding that some spaces invite the working class family man while another might attract the serial entrepreneur. No one cigar lounge is created equal and shopping for that right space is a crucial part to find your home away from home.

2. You Get What You Put In

It is nearly impossible to make new friends while you have your headphones on and focused on your computer, just like it may be impossible to get work done while in the company of friends and libations. The space you choose should provide the resources to get that outcome you are looking for whether that be socially or professionally. It is important to understand that the ecosystem that is a cigar lounge is dependent on its members and placing a strong foot forward can yield wonderful results to your goals.

3. The Cigars Are Always Second

Behind every great cigar should be an even better person. A sense of community is the ultimate goal of any space. It is often said that cigar connoisseurs are brothers of the leaf— brothers always first. The core of the lounge is based on the values presented by its members and the family that one can create. It is important that cigars a commonality but we are all human with human problems and it is paramount that the health and well being of our friends be the primary goal of any cigar lounge even if that means less cigars.

4. Understanding Membership Dues

Although memberships can supplement the bottom line for any cigar retailer, membership dues are not always implemented for profit. Often times membership dues are a way to preserve the protected interest of its organization. For instance, in a highly entrepreneurial lounge often times membership fees protect the time or privacy of individuals. This form of vetting can also be beneficial for younger members who look to expand their knowledge and network.

5. Create Your Own 

Similar to a church, a cigar lounge is not defined by the physical location but the congregation of its members. A church is not a church without the community, just like a cigar lounge is not a lounge without its members. Whether it be in person or virtual it is ultimately the people that make the space— not the space that makes the people. It is important to understand that cigar smokers come in all shapes sizes and demographics and the difference between us is the beautiful part of one commonality. 



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