Are you looking for your next cigar and unsure how to navigate the choices online? Purchasing your cigar online requires more than a click and drag. Lone Wolf Cigar is here to help. Walking into a cigar shop is a moment that engages all the senses. The smallest change from environment to improper handling will alter the final experience. You would not walk into a humidor and purchase the cheapest stogie in your reach! Instead, you would savor the bouquets and ask questions about the history and complexities of each selection.

There are finer points to selecting the perfect smoke beyond the grab bag experience large online warehouses offer. At Lone Wolf Cigar, we are here to help make your experience the absolute best.

Let’s Start a Conversation!

The first rule when walking into any cigar shop is to do so with an eagerness to learn.

Ask how we can help you:

  • Walkthrough the taste profile of a friend to find a gift they will genuinely savor
  • Understand the finer points of how to cut, light, and enjoy your single
  • Discover the history and process that goes into the making of each selection
  • Learn the etiquette of walking into a humidor for the first time
  • Know what to ask when shopping for cigars online

To sum it up, we love to talk cigars. Ask us anything. We are up for the challenge.

Direct Contact

Phone: (310) 458-8000


Physical Locations

Our two storefronts, in West Los Angeles & Santa Monica, are temporarily closed. To stay informed about reopening, check back often or sign up for our newsletter.

 An update for our community and a reminder

When Lone Wolf Cigar Company’s doors were open pre-pandemic, you would walk into a community ready to sit with you for as long as it took to answer your questions.

Whether you were a newbie passing through town or an aficionado seeking a quiet day’s refuge in the lounge, you would find an experience to be savored among a community of friends.

That commitment has not changed!

We eagerly await the day where we can stand face to face and enjoy a long lingering smoke with you. Until then, know that our availability and desire to stay connected as a community remains the same. Being a Lone Wolf means that you are a part of a group centered around celebrating life to its fullest. You are not alone.

Are you ready to join the pack?

Here you will find the latest industry and local news, upcoming events, and fun cigar facts delivered straight to your inbox. Already a part of the pack and ready to dive in deeper. We’re taking our lounge virtual. There’s a seat waiting just for you!

Hours of Operation

Monday:        11:00am - 07:00pm

Tuesday:        11:00am - 07:00pm

Wednesday:  11:00am - 07:00pm

Thursday:      11:00am - 07:00pm

Friday:           11:00am - 07:00pm

Saturday:      11:00am - 07:00pm

Sunday:         12:00pm - 06:00pm

Santa Monica Location (Temporarily Closed)


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