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Enjoying a cigar is an experience that can be shared with friends or savored in solitude. It’s the cap to a hard-worked day and the conversation piece for aficionados. As the industry adapts and changes to worldwide and local events, from cigar events becoming digitized to the latest in cigar news, Lone Wolf has you covered.

Last year challenged the industry, reminding us all how much we crave connection. As lone wolves, we are seeking out new ways to experience community and friendship during an unprecedented time in history.

We aren’t afraid of change. In normal smoking fashion, the Lone Wolf Cigar Co. is part of a larger community trying what has never been tried before. As cigar events throughout the U.S. turn to digital Smoke Ins, we are also looking for ways to connect and grow with our local friends.

At Lone Wolf our brick and mortar stores may not always be available, but our wealth of experience is. When you cut, light, and smoke a new or a favorite, we want you to enjoy every aspect. This begins with knowing what goes into making the cigar in your hand and extends to how to hold and savor the smells and taste.

Do you have questions about an item in our online shop, need help finding a gift for a special occasion, or simply wish to satisfy your curiosity? Feel free to reach out and send us your question. We’d love to hear from you. Click here to go directly to our contact page.

We don’t yet know what the next year will bring. After all, change is a constant, one we look forward to discussing with you over a nice long, satisfying smoke. Whether online or in person we look forward to deepening our friendships and building community in the coming years.

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